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CREDANCE Space Weather Monitor
  • Radiation Environment Measurements from CREAM and CREDO During the Approach to Solar Maximum
  • Observation of Solar Particle Events From CREDO and MPTB During the Current Solar Maximum
  • Observation of the Solar Particle Events of October and November 2003 From CREDO and MPTB
  • Radiation monitoring in Medium Earth Orbit over the solar minimum period
  • Observations of Internal Charging Currents in Medium Earth Orbit
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DIME Board Experiments
  • Energy-Deposition Events Measured by the CRRES PHA Experiment
  • Simplified Readout of UVPROM Dosimeters for Spacecraft Applications
  • DIME-1: The Passive Components of the Dosimetry Intercomparison and Miniaturization Experiment
  • Online Dosimetry Based on Optically Stimulated Luminescence Materials
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ELDRS Board Experiment
  • Nature of Interface Defect Buildup in Gated Bipolar Devices Under Low Dose Rate Irradiation
  • Mechanisms of Enhanced Radiation-Induced Degradation Due to Excess Molecular Hydrogen in Bipolar Oxides
  • Modeling the Dose Rate Response and the Effects of Hydrogen in Bipolar Technologies
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COTS-2 Board Experiment
  • Combining Results of Accelerated Radiation Tests and Fault Injections to Predict the Error Rate of an Application Implemented in SRAM-based FPGAs
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Listing of Space Environment Testbeds (SET) specific acronyms are provided here. If you need any added please contact the web curator.


  • NASA Living With a Star Space Environment Testbeds Pre-NRA Requirements Workshop
    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration Office of Space Science is sponsoring a workshop to seek requirements for investigation providers and partners from all industry, government agencies, Federally Funded Research and Development Centers, and universities for its next data mining opportunity in the Space Environment Testbeds (SET) project in the Living With A Star (LWS) Program.
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