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Space Travel Hazards Game

Space Travel Hazards GameHow Safely can you travel through space?
Test your ability to travel to Mars and back while avoiding dangerous radiation hazards

The Space Travel Hazards Games was developed to help reinforce knowledge of space travel and some of the potential hazards associated with space travel.

The object is to get from Earth to Mars and back along one of two pathways to accomplish a successful mission. Along the way, teams will acquire Radiation Points (RPs) that are detrimental to the mission. Teams will also acquire Mission Points (MPs) that measure the success of the mission. When the game is finished, plot the total Radiation Points and Mission Points on the Tally Card to see if the team had a successful mission and determine the game winner.


  • Ages 11 and up
  • 2 to 4 Teams per game

Items needed for Game

  • Game Procedures and Rules
    >> Download | PDF | 1 Page | 432KB
  • Game Board Sheet
    >> Download | PDF | 1 Page | 3.9MB
  • Astronaut Game Pieces, 1 per team
  • Chance Cards (place in center of game board)
    >> Download | PDF | 7 Pages | 1.1MB
  • Tally Card
    >> Download | PDF | 1 Page | 1MB
  • One Die
  • Pencil
  • Score Chart (Graph)
    >> Download | PDF | 1 Page | 1MB

What is Space Radiation?

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